Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tiny Houses

In a few of this blog's previous posts I have mentioned tiny houses.  I have not, however, mentioned the inspiring subculture out there that is in support of more sustainable living through tiny houses.  Nor have I mentioned the romance inspired by the beauty of the design and the simplicity of  living the lifestyle of "Tiny".

There aren't enough words in our collective vernacular to express my excitement about this culture, or to express my great desire to be counted as a tiny house dweller.  So, in my inability to express the fervor of my  interests in this movement, this blog will now be accepting stories, pictures, and  links on the subject.  If you or anyone you know is living the life tiny. . . send them to this blog.  My desire is to post a weekly entry on tiny houses.  It's this blogs way of contributing to the excitement of this movement.

Here are some great sites that I frequent to spark your interest.

Lloyd's Blog

Tiny House Blog

Tiny House Swoon

Cabin Porn

I Love Cob

Entries may be sent to subject "Tiny House".  Be sure to attain permission for use of materials if you are sending along photos from a web site so that they may be credited.

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