Tuesday, November 13, 2012


At home we've been toying with the idea of going gluten free.  We are very non committal about these changes because it could mean real change and that means work.  Needless to say with work, school, and kids, that feels like a daunting task.  But with one of us having Irrital Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and all of us being vegetarian and learning about the damage that excessive amounts of gluten can do to the body, we've been eating gluten free (for the most part).  Unfortunately, this past week we had a couple of slip ups.  Namely, pizza, and cheese crackers.  After consuming both--stomach aches abound.  It felt like I had eaten a rock.  Bloating and sluggish and green, oh my!

Here's a blog that I've just discovered and it seems pretty straight forward.  This family is experiencing very similar challenges.  The blog is Strawberries are Gluten Free.  In the introduction Cathy Tibbles mentions a book that changed her life and way of thinking about diet.  The book is called Eat to Live written by Dr. Fuhrman.  I have not read this book myself but will be doing so soon.  Read the About section for Strawberries are Gluten Free.  If you are thinking about going gluten free you will be inspired.  I know I was (especially about the loosing 40lbs in 8 weeks).  We'll have to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.

My family has been on the verge of becoming Vegan for quite a while.  The documentary Forks over Knives has brought us closer than ever to this truth.  If we could just climb over that hill of uncertainty and acknowledge that we are worth the effort (which I believe is happening as I type) we will be successful.

I hope you will too. 

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