Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pushing Limits

As a parent of two, I find myself constantly being pushed to my limits of patience, kindness, and love.   The last week has been a test.  My entire family (myself included) has been sick with fever this last week.  My youngest has the amazing ability to scream louder than any human alive and to stay up for days on end with very little sleep.  My oldest is restless and has cabin fever.  My partner is at wit's end.  Nerves are frayed.  Hair has been pulled.  Teeth gnashed.  Tears shed.

On the other end of it, a new understanding of compassion.  I can be pushed to my limits and beyond and know that I can be a compassionate person in the end.  Yes, my jaw hurts from clenching, but instead of focusing on the situation the entire time, I can take a time out and look at my children's smiling eyes, or crying eyes and love them.  I can love my marriage and all the mess, frustration, beauty, and adventure it brings.

All of it is for a reason.  Each person teaches us something new.  Every relationship is important however fleeting or lasting.

To rise to the challenge is to take the next step on life's journey.  Never assume that journey will be a pretty jot down the forest path.  It can take sharp turns and deep plunges.  Ankles will be sprained and mended, discoveries will be made, secrets will be found and kept.

The expectation that there is some "normal" out there is unreasonable.  Normal is a myth.  So is control.

Letting these myths go is the step to starting an authentic experience.

I have understood these truths for a while now, but have only just begun to live them.

It's scary to step out of the "normal" that I once thought existed only to find a far longer path ahead of me than expected.  Far more difficult.  Far  more tedious.

Far more rewarding.

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