Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Advertising in general bothers me.  Mindless advertising, like this Sherwin Williams Paint truck, just makes me tired.  All I can think of is the idiocy of such a statement in an ever growing environmentally conscious society.

How will our children fare when they are adults?  The onslaught of information will be even higher with Google Goggles let alone print ads.  Isn't it difficult enough to be focused on life's daily issues on top of trying to filter useful and useless information?    It has become the duty of parents to teach cynicism to our children so they too can sneer at mindless consumerism.  


What is the world coming to?  It's hard to tell because it's COVERED IN PAINT!


  1. I understand 100%. I am so sick of tired of being told that I MUST have this or that...and, that I MUST vote for Romney or Obama (hell no, it's gonna be 3rd party for me)and I am just sick and tired of having crap shoved in my face all of the time. Especially car commercials where they are yelling, or ad agencies using sex to sell Uncle Ben's rice. Because, call me crazy...but, when I think of sexy, Uncle Ben ain't it.

  2. I've been thinking third party as well but wonder if it's just a wasted vote. . . the system is broken there's no question about it.